EUROBULK Logistics A/S has delivered rock solid transport solutions for more than 40 years. Foodstuff, feed and powder-products are at the core of what we do, please read below to learn more about the types of products we transport.

Still growing

Since the late seventies EUROBULK Logistics A/S has delivered solid and innovative transport solutions.

We have undergone a substantial growth over the last decade so today we have 115 trucks and 150 trailers at our disposal. This means that we are agile and flexible making it easier to do large and complex transportation tasks. Below you will find a small selection of the products we handle.

Selection of products


• Beer

• Wine

• Juice

• Dairy products

• Vegetable oils

• Glucose

• Chocolate


• Ash

• Chalk

• Lime

• Fertilizer

• Cement

· Sand




• Grain

• Bran

• Feed additives substances

• Chalk

• Lime


Need help? We are at your service.

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