The tipper department at EUROBULK Logistics A/S performs transports of bulk products in open tipper trailers covered by a tarpaulin. The bulk products are loaded from the top and unloaded by tipping backwards or sideways. This mode of transport is used very often, where the quantity or the type of goods will result in an expensive or impossible packaging.

We are carrying a lot of different kinds of bulk products – suchs as grain, feedstuffs and fertilizers.

All feed transports are “GMP+ FSA assured”.

Transport equipment

  • 48-60 m3 Back tipper – low sides
  • 68-94 m3 Back tipper – high sides
  • 45-50 m3 Lorry / trailer
  • 80-93 m3 Walking floor


Please contact the tipper department by

– phone: +45 7338 7341 / fax: +45 7338 7373 / e-mail: kipper@eurobulk.dk